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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meet Our New Baby

Now before any of you start getting all excited thinking we are actually going to have a human baby, I hate to disappoint you but our new baby is a dog!!! And actually she's not officially ours yet. She belongs to my daughter Morgan. Morgan rented an apartment in September from a man who said that he might let her bring her dog, but by the time she moved in, he had decided that he didn't want her to bring the dog for liability reasons. So, Chuck and I said we would be foster parents for this dog, Reeses, until the Spring when she may be able to locate another apartment that will take dogs. It is now January and the fact is we have fallen in love with Morgan's dog.Reeses was adopted by Morgan in October, 2011. She is part Australian Cattle Dog, and part Terrier. This dog weighed 28 pounds when she was taken to the vet in September. Unfortunately, her most recent weigh in showed that she is up to 42 pounds!!! I think it's due to all those snacks Chuck gives her! She is such a sweetheart and fits into our life very well. Chuck has repeatedly said that he didn't expect to love a dog as much as he loves her. He tells me this, but I have also heard him telling Reeses this! The 2 of them look so cute together on their walks. On New Year's Day we took her for a walk at a nearby Nature Walk, the 3 of us tromping through the snow together. It was a great treat for all of us. When I call Chuck at the end of my workday to say I am on my way home, he always tells me stories of what he and Reeses did that day. And it usually includes a car ride the 2 of them took together. She loves to ride in the car so he often takes her on errands with him. He sometimes stops off at the Old Lyme Beach so she can sniff all of the wildlife that has passed by. I hear all about it and it makes me happy to know he has had someone to keep him company while I have been away substitute teaching all day. He bought her a very comfortable doggie bed which she immediately climbed into and curled up in the moment she saw it. And he buys her bags of treats weekly. She is very smart and entertains us with her antics with her toys and loving behavior. She also loves to chase balls so will run after whatever we throw for her. If Morgan is able to find a place that will accept Reeses, we will be very sad. But if she can't find a place, Reeses has found a home with us forever.