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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Missing My Husband!

Chuck has been away on a project for 8 days now. By the time he comes back, it will be 9 days and 9 nights that he has been gone. I have decided that enough is enough. I don't like him being away this long one bit. Since we have actually been living under the same roof together, this is the longest we have been apart. The first few days were over the weekend and I was busy so it wasn't quite as hard not to be with him. But as each day goes by, I feel more and more isolated. Thank goodness I have the dog for company. But then again, last night I started talking to her out loud. And not about dog topics either! I just started having a conversation with her, about work, as though she were a person. I am really going a bit crazy without Chuck here. And I miss his hugs. And I even miss our every day routines. He is due home tomorrow night, and it can't come quick enough for me. I miss my honey...hurry home Chuck! Reeses and I miss you!