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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pillow Talk

So, here's a question I have been wondering about many of you engage in "pillow talk?" Do you know what I am talking about? Of course I have heard the term many times over the years. I do believe that Doris Day and Rock Hudson were in a movie of the same name. But what I am talking about is just before bed, or maybe after some loving moments, do you and your spouse lay down, facing each other, and have real heart to heart talks? I have never done this before my marriage to Chuck. It is a VERY intimate atmosphere when 2 people who love each other are facing each other in bed together, with their faces only a few inches apart...well, not THAT close, but say 10 inches or so. It's a time to wind down,gaze into each others' eyes with love, and for us, say what's in our hearts. For some reason, when we are this close, we don't talk about the goings on of that day, or of the week. Being that close to each other brings about an intimate, loving atmosphere, and never seems like the time or place to say things like,"Why didn't you do the dishes tonight or you forgot to put the toilet seat down again" etc.For us, it's a time of loving words, and encouraging each others' dreams. I find it's a precious few moments for us, before we drift of to a restful night's sleep. And now that we have started doing this, if we forget, it seems like something was missing in our routine.Do you engage in pillow talk?

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