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Friday, June 8, 2012

What Makes Me Feel Loved

I was recently going through some old emails and came across a list of things that Chuck does that make me feel loved. Here they are, in no particular order. How about you? What does your significant other do that makes you feel loved? I feel loved by Chuck when: 1) I get lots of hugs and kisses 2) I get flowers from him 3) We go out to eat for romantic dinners 4) I am listened to 5) We drink wine together, just the 2 of us sometimes because those moments are intimate 6) My dreams and goals are taken seriously, not laughed off 7) He touches my face 8) I get back rubs! 9) He makes me coffee, especially in the a.m. 10) I get to sleep late, and he doesn't wake me up 11) Being served coffee in bed in the morning 12) When we have "dates" planned for just the 2 of us, and nothing is allowed to interfere with that ( like when friends call to get together during that time, we both say no because we already have plans for the 2 of us) 13) He calls me during the day just to say hello 14) When my input is considered before plans are made with others 15) He gives me cards just because, and always for each day when he goes on a trip 16) Getting surprise notes hidden where I can find them at any time 17) When my children are cared about and prayed for by him, even when their behavior is not exactly the best 18) When doors are opened for me, and I get help putting my coats on, etc....makes me feel like a queen 19) When he takes me in his arms and kisses me on the spur of the moment 20) When he brings back little goodies for my girls from his travels 21) When he plans things for us to do with my parents 22) When he wears my favorite men's cologne because he knows how much I like it 23) Any time he holds my hand 24) When he is so happy when introducing me to his friends and peers as his wife 25) When he does things for my kids that make them happy 26) When he tells me he likes it when I put my head on his shoulder 27) The way he likes to cuddle with me in bed 28) That he always tell me how beautiful I look 29) When he tells me he loves me often 30) When he tells me his most honest thoughts…about anything, and especially about things that make him uncomfortable…even when it’s hard to do 31) That he loves me no matter what I weigh 32) That loves me unconditionally

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