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Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Leave for Big Canoe Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow Chuck and I leave for a one week trip to Big Canoe, Georgia. Two of his three adult children and their families live nearby. This 8,000 acre gated community is 80 miles north of Atlanta. We are staying in a condo inside the gates of Big Canoe for a week to try out the community and to see if we can picture ourselves living here on a full time basis. We went last year for a day and met with a real estate agent. We fell in love with the area, and the peacefulness of this mountain community. I am not sure that I want to live in the South, being a born and bred New England Yankee from a long line of New England stock. I am a Yankee through and through, but do want to get out of Connecticut and have wanted to for a very long time. So, we have an appointment set up with the same real estate agent as last year and I have been researching homes that are within our budget and that we can imagine us actually living in. I originally came up with a list of 22 homes, trying to leave no stone (or home...LOL) uncovered since this may be the only chance we have to see some homes before buying if we do decide this is the right place for us. After sitting down with Chuck the other night, the list has now been whittled down to JUST 11!!! But since right now we only have one day scheduled with the real estate agent, I sent the list to him to whittle down further. He has our list of requirements and there are some things about these homes that only he has access to, such as do these homes all have mountain views, the square footage, etc. Based on those details, we have faith that he will develop a list of what will work for us, and we look forward to touring some homes. On Monday, Memorial Day, Chuck's son and daughter and their families will be coming up to spend the day. We are going to have a cookout and enjoy some of the facilities. The kids are especially looking forward to enjoying the natural rock slide on the property. One day, Chuck and I are going to explore a nearby town called, "Dahlonega" which is supposed to be cute and quaint and a nice relaxing place to spend a day. There are also some wineries in that general area which may be fun to check out. About seven miles outside the gates of Big Canoe is a state park with a beautiful waterfall so we are looking forward to seeing that too. At the end of the week,on Saturday, June 1st, Chuck's granddaughter Hannah will be graduating from high school. We will be attending her graduation and the party afterward, and coming home the next day. Once we get home we will be processing all we heard and saw about Big Canoe to decide if it's the place for us. I will definitely keep you all up to date! Here's the link to an article I wrote about Big Canoe when we went to visit in 2012:

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