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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good-Bye Big Canoe...For Now

On Friday of our Big Canoe week we had a wonderful time renting a boat and taking an extremely quiet boat ride on Lake Petit. Actually, we didn't even have to rent the boat. Our real estate agent from Big Canoe, Ryan Moledar, arranged for us to have a boat for free for a few hours through the Big Canoe real estate office. Thanks Ryan! The boat was so quiet that I asked Chuck how we could be moving even though he hadn't started the motor yet! Big Canoe doesn't allow any gas powered boats so our boat, which is a pontoon boat, has an electric motor. I was shocked at how quiet it was. It was actually on and powering us around the lake when I said that. The peacefulness of Big Canoe was once again showcased as we wound our way slowly around the lake, admiring the houses that could just barely be seen peeking through the trees. We were able to go into small little coves and it was probably the most peaceful few hours we have had together in a very long time. The boat was so easy to drive that I even took a shot at it. There's an island in the middle of Lake Petit where people can moor a boat and go for a picnic. It was nice to dream about someday doing that in our future. We even saw a family of ducks swim by which was a real treat for a nature lover like me! Here are some scenes from our boat trip:
Captain Chuck back in action driving the boat:
Here are a few of the houses tucked in the trees along the lake...
A beautiful view amid the peace and quiet of Lake Petit
A family of ducks swam by us...
The Lake Petit Marina from the parking lot
We ate dinner that night at the Black Bear Pub again. Although we were hoping to get a seat outside, there was a band playing dance music outside and they were pretty loud from every table. We ended up inside where we could still enjoy the view and have a dinner where we could hear ourselves speaking. I think it's great that they do have entertainment at the Black Bear Pub. It would have been better to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the rocking chairs on the porch because it's off to the side a bit and not too near the speakers. I will remember that as an option if we do move here and I see musical entertainment on the schedule. Here's the view seen from the rocking chairs on the side patio of the Black Bear Pub
On Saturday, we went to Hannah's graduation (Chuck's granddaughter) and we were down in Dallas, Georgia all day and into the evening with that. This day was to be our last day totally inside the gates of Big Canoe. I found myself growing sad that we would need to leave the peacefulness and the wildlife that is such an integral part of this wonderful community. And I will miss the indoor pool so much. This year on our cruise and here at Big canoe, I have really begun to enjoy swimming as a form of aerobic exercise, while Chuck still prefers the exercise equipment. As I swam almost every day during our stay, I was imagining how wonderful it will be to have access to an indoor pool to exercise in every day. They say swimming is one of the best exercises people can do, and I am ready to start that on a daily basis. And it would be great to be able to go together and work out because the gym and indoor pool are housed in the same building.


  1. I love seeing Dad driving a boat again!!!

  2. Deborah,

    I totally agree. He was definitely in his element. All he needed was a captain's hat! These boats went a lot slower and were much quieter than a power boat though. It was a nice change of pace.

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