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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Romantic Trip to Tanglewood in the Berkshires

This past weekend, Chuck and I went to Tanglewood. For those of you not familiar with it, Tanglewood is in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. It's the summer home of the Boston Pops. Each year, throngs of picnickers and classical music enthusiasts flock to Tanglewood to enjoy both the ambiance of an outside picnic in the summer, and the beautiful strains of classical music outside, under the stars. Chuck enjoys Tanglewood for the classical music. I enjoy Tangelwood for the whole experience...the cool green grass under my bare feet as I sit in a lawn chair and wiggle my toes in it...the taste of picnic food out in the fresh mountain air...the tangy taste of wine as I gaze at the mountains around me...the excitement of other Tanglewood fans as they share their own picnic dinners with family and friends, gazing up through the trees as I lay on my back on a blanket and gaze at blue sky and fluffy...white clouds as I listen to the strains of classical music wafting through the fresh summer air...and the enjoyment I have of being here, together with my husband, both of us full of joy and excitement and love for the event, and for each other. Yep, that sounds pretty mushy, but it's the truth. Here's the set up of our portable table, before dinner...
At one point in the evening, after dinner and before the concert, I was laying on the blanket and looked to my left to see Chuck leaning back in his chair and enjoying the view, and then I looked to my right and saw the beautiful view of the Berkshire mountains surrounding a lake, and I honestly couldn't decide which view I liked better, so kept turning my head periodically from side to side to enjoy the man I love enjoying himself, and also the amazing mountains that are the Berkshires.
People who attend the concerts have a choice of either getting lawn tickets, or purchasing seats inside the shed. The shed is actually a pie shaped building where the musicians sit to perform, and three of the sides are open to the lawn. I enjoy the lawn, but Chuck loves to get seats so we can see the musicians and hear the music better. We usually compromise and go up one weekend a year, and watch the concert on a Saturday night from the seats inside, and enjoy a concert from the lawn on Sunday afternoon. Here's the shed at Tanglewood...and looking up through the trees from our picnic blanket (below)
We were fortunate to be able to enjoy a concert Friday night inside the shed, and Saturday night out on the lawn. I am a very blessed woman to be so in love, and to have the love of a man who is so wonderful, kind, honest, intelligent and considerate. And every morning, I do thank God for that.

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