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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Days 5 and 6 of the Transatlantic Cruise

Thursday, May 4th, Day 5

Today was another day we had to set the clocks forward. But today was also the first day I have felt normal and I didn’t I needed 2 naps a day. We went for breakfast and then after breakfast Chuck decided to go to a seminar titled, ‘Why We Love Opera.” I had no interest in hearing that lecture because I do NOT love opera ( hope I didn't offend anyone buy saying that!), so found a comfortable chair near the theater and read for an hour. He thoroughly enjoyed this talk, by a guy named George Weston who does a lot of seminars on cruise ships. After the seminar we went to the library and Chuck looked through a book about the bombing of the Lusitania while I read some more. We both got online and checked our email for a short time as the minutes, even the free 250 we each get, go by quickly when it takes 5 to 10 minutes to even get onto the internet itself, or to download emails. We then went to lunch and met a nice couple from right outside of Toronto. Their names were Steve and Brenda and we talked to them for awhile. For the last 5 years they have been going on 2 cruises a year and travel a lot on land. Steve does what Chuck does in terms of working when needed, and so his schedule is flexible enough to allow them to have time to travel. Chuck was happy because Steve knows about NDT. We left them to go to another art auction. I was hoping to win a free print but I did not and during the auction they said you had to pay to send it home if you won so I wasn’t interested in that.

After a nap for both of us, we worked out and I am up to walking 1 mile on the walking track, and then am doing more of the strength training machines. Here are some of the machines to the left of the track. It's fun to use them outside under a beautiful blue sky with a view of the ocean on all sides.

After showers, we went to the atrium and got a couch/chair right near the window so we could look out the window and watch the waves go by. They were about 10 to 12 feet high. After a glass of wine there, with music being played in the atrium by a band, we headed into the Concerto room for dinner. We have decided this is out favorite dinner restaurant as the service was better there. We had a delicious meal of roast chicken and veggies for me, and an Austrian weiner dish for Chuck, plus Cherries Jubilee for him for dessert and Chocolate brownie ice cream for me. We then went back to the room and watched some TV before heading to the Princess Theater for a comedy show starring comedian Al Katz.

Friday May 2, 2014 Day 6

Today the weather is cooler but the seas are a bit calmer. After breakfast Chuck went to a lecture about Jerusalem while I finished reading my first book that I brought along with me. Afterward we went to the Live taping of the ,’Wake Show” which is a round up of the days happenings and includes guests. The tapings happen one day in advance so today’s taping will be on tomorrow. The Captain of the ship was the guest, as well as comedian Al Katz who is quite funny. He travels 300 days a year entertaining on cruise ships.I think that sounds like a fantastic way to earn a living!Here's what the television on board the ship looks like.

After lunch we took a nap and worked out. I really enjoy working out on the walking track. It’s so beautiful to see the water from where we are all around me as I walk in a circle on that top deck. At night we ate at the Horizon Court Buffet and it was actually pretty nice. We sat side by side at a table that looked out over the water. At 8:30 p.m. we tried to go to the Illusionist show but it was booked solid and there were no seats left in the whole Princess Theater. We decided to go back to the room and do laundry until the third show. We did 2 loads of laundry, and that's one of the things I like best about cruising with Princess...they have washers, dryers and ironing boards so passengers can do their own laundry. We always bring our own trial sized packs of laundry detergent so we don't have to buy them from the machines, and a baggie with dryer sheets packs well in a suitcase. After doing laundry, we then went back to the last Illusionist show. Chuck really enjoyed it but I feel illusionists are just phony and I don’t like being tricked so I didn’t like it at all.

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