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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flowers at the Office!

On Friday, I received flowers at the office.They were 2 dozen multi colored roses. It was an early Valentine's Day gift from Chuck. I LOVE getting fresh flowers. Some of my friends say they aren't practical because they will die soon, so what's the point? My daughter says this as well. I don't care. First of all, I do not have a green thumb, and I kill plants. I think my thumb is actually black now that I think about it.Giving me a flowering plant that needs to be planted somewhere outside, or can even stay inside but needs to be watered, is like signing the plant's death certificate. I am the grim reaper of live plants! I have actually begged people NOT to give me live plants because I feel so bad for them when they die. And they always do die under my care.

The beauty of fresh flowers is many things. The look so delicate and pretty. Usually they are beautiful colors, especially roses. They also smell so good. The scent of roses smells like love to me because that's the only time I ever have them around...when there's love in the air. I get them for birthdays from the man I love, and Valentine's Day from him as well. I love getting flowers delivered at the office because it can be challenging in that environment for me sometimes, and having fresh flowers there reminds me that I am loved...even when things are not going smoothly. I made sure that there were some roses in my wedding bouquet last year, because they do signify love to me, and I wanted them to be part of that very special day. And one of the best things to me about fresh flowers is...da da da da...I can't kill them. They are already on their way out, so I enjoy them for as long as I can, and sadly let them go when their time is done, but for the moments and days they are with me, I appreciate them to the fullest. And I am always hopeful that some day, I will get another bunch to remind me that I am loved.Hint hint Honey...and thanks for the flowers!

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  1. Oh, Karen, you are not the only one with a "black thumb"...Your Mom and my daughter can keep live plants flourishing, and my Mom does wonders with outside flora, but I manage to not do a great job with the live ones, too, whether inside, or out. Sometimes it is overwatering, sometimes sad neglect, sometimes it is your brother, who manages to make them less than healthy for me. I lve getting flowers for special occasions, or sometimes, just because. Thanks for a great post!