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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Marriage is Like a Garden

Someone said to me today that marriage is like a child and you have to pay attention to it and take care of it. I prefer to think that marriage is like a garden, and both partners need to tend it or it can grow out of control with weeds. The weeds, untended, will choke out all the good produce or beautiful blooming flowers, and one or both of the gardeners will give up on it and let it be overgrown with weeds. In my first marriage, I think I had help planting the original garden, but as time went on, and the marriage grew longer in length, and children came along, my ex was no longer interested in our garden and I was left alone to tend it on my own.He deserted it way before I did. After awhile, the weeds did take over, and the garden was too big to care for on my own. And I left as well.

Now with my second marriage, I am so happy that we both planted the garden, and are both here actively tending it. And not only do we tend to the garden, but help each other with the work...of communication, of caring for each other in sickness and in health, of making sure we use romance for fertilizer, and when one of us gets a bit tired from the everyday work of our lives, it always seems as though the other one is there to water it with love so the garden keeps blooming. It is in constant need of tending, but it is a joy to care for. I don't think I thought of marriage before as a living, growing energy, but it is constantly growing, and if we do it right, we will allow for flexibility and growth on both of the gardeners behalf. I can't foresee either of us ever abandoning each other in our quest for a beautiful garden ( marriage). We both love the garden of our marriage too much and appreciate it for the happiness and peace it brings to both of us.

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