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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dinner Last Night

We had such a nice dinner together last night. Because we are both busy with our jobs, and me with my kids, and Chuck with his traveling for work, we don't have that much time alone together as a couple. So most Saturday nights we try to go out to dinner. alone, just the 2 of us. Last night we went to the Fisherman, in Noank, CT. We had been there before, but not for a few years. We made a reservation, but being in the off season, we didn't really need one. We were given a table by the window, and had it been earlier in the evening, we would have had a great water view. The waiter was extremely attentive to us. We ordered a wedge salad, which we always split whenever we go out to dinner. This tradition started on our very first date. Chuck had the best piece of scrod he said he has ever had, and I had a delicious lobster and angel hair pasta with cream sauce dish.I had enough left over to bring it home for dinner tonight! They have a regular size order, and a petite size. I didn't want to be too full, so ordered the petite size, which was pretty large anyway. The waiter said that the only difference was that there was more lobster in the regular sized order, and the same amount of pasta in both. We each had one glass of wine, and the bill came to $54 including tax. The food, service, atmosphere, and company were all wonderful, making for a very enjoyable night! I am so grateful for times like this in our life together.

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