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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romance is Not Dead on Hub Pages!

I have been writing a lot of "hubs", or articles on the Hub Pages web site. On Hub Pages, anyone can start an account and write about anything they would like. I have 45 Hubs written so far. I am actually quite pleased with the results because I enjoy writing so much. BUT I also am pleased with which articles are getting the most attention. I have written on everything from shopping with coupons to cruises to romance, and the two hubs with the most hits that people have read is:1) Bucket Lists for Couples, and 2) Twelve Reasons I Love My Husband. Those 2 far outshine all the other articles in terms of number of views. That gives me hope and reassurance that romance is not dead. In fact, it's alive and kicking!!! Here's the link to my profile with the articles listed if you would like to read any:

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