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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Romantic Dinner

Last night I took Chuck out for a romantic dinner. In my sweepstakes entry earlier on this blog, some of you may remember that I had won a $100 Visa Card and wanted to take Chuck out with it. Boy, it was like pulling teeth to get him to allow me to pay. I really have a gem of a guy here because he still wants to pay for everything, and he really wanted me to spend the gift card on myself. But I finally convinced him to let me pay since this was free money anyway. Of course he paid for the wine and the tip. It was the only compromise he would agree to.

We had a lot of choices of restaurants and we couldn't decide which one to go to. Since I wanted something romantic, we finally decided on an Italian restaurant in a nearby town. It was romantic alright, but so dark we could barely see the menu...of course it might be that we are getting old and our eyes are going...LOL! We have had this problem at other restaurants as well, so there may be something to that. Chuck even said the next time we go out to dinner he will make sure to bring his glasses and a flashlight! I even had to have him read me what was on the menu as he was closest to the light, and he could make it out better than me. We ended up each having salad and pasta, and with the wine it was very good. We both had garlic dressing on our salad. We have an unspoken rule that either neither of us has garlic at dinner, or both of us do. If you have ever tried to kiss someone without having had garlic at your last meal, and they did, you'll know exactly why we do that! But when 2 people both have had garlic, they don't notice. I have friends who think we are crazy for doing this...they just order what they want. I think there should still be consideration between couples, even when, or maybe especially when they are married! The tables were pretty close together, and it was noisy at the restaurant so we had to sit rather close together to hear each other, which again was romantic. We had a chance to talk about things we might not normally have, and it was a very good night. Ah, I do so love romance!

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