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Thursday, September 6, 2012

15 Days and Counting!!!

Oh my gosh, as each day goes by I am getting more and more excited about being with Chuck full time. But the process of going through 25 years of "stuff" that has accumulated in my house is grueling. 5 people lived here at one time. That means "stuff" x 5 is still here. I am filtering through most of my things now, and plan to have a full day with the kids and my ex to throw out all the things that are junk, and sift through everything to find the keepers that they will take with them. It is bitter sweet for me. This house is filled with memories. I have found hundreds of pictures of the kids when they were little...playing in the snow in this yard, with neighborhood kids, their birthday parties here at the house, first day of school, etc. And many pieces of artwork from kindergarten on. I am a sentimental fool and don't know what to save and what to throw out. This is much harder than I thought. Through this whole process though, I have to keep reminding myself of the next step for Chuck and I, and how wonderful that will be to be able to spend our lives together and live with each other daily instead of weekend visits. That part is exciting and is carrying me through the process of sifting through the past so I can move on happily, and less encumbered by "stuff" to our future!

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