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Friday, September 21, 2012

Today is Move In Day!!!

Today is the day I have been waiting for for a very long time. Today is the day I move in with my husband, lover, and best friend. It has been a very long wait...6 years since we were engaged and started planning our life together. I am actually a bit in shock that the day has finally arrived. Chuck has the patience of Job though. He has been there, living alone, and waiting for me to join him in his home for all this time. We have had many bumps along the way, mostly in the form of my 3 children, who were 11, 11, and 14 when he first met them. We tried to work it out so we could all live together earlier. But due to personality conflicts, it just wouldn't work out. When we got married 2 years ago, we made the decision that I would stay in my home, and he would live alone in his, until my 2 youngest, twin girls, turned 18 and went off to college. Yesterday, they turned 18!!! And I also dropped one of them off at college in Philadelphia, PA. The other one starts her class in large animal veterinary assisting at the local community college today, and her dad is helping her move into her own apartment tomorrow. With my oldest out on his own already, that means starting today, I can turn my full attention to Chuck, the man of my dreams, and my best friend. I can finally be a full time wife to him. It feels like a miracle to me that this day, that I have been counting down to for years, has finally arrived. I am so grateful for this opportunity. And feel so blessed to be married to Chuck.For awhile I was concerned about how the two of us will do, living together when we both have certain ways of doing things, and routines that we are used to. I guess that is true of any couple who get married and move into the same household together. But usually by the time you head into a second marriage, the couple is older and more set in their ways. I love this man so much, I don't want to do anything that will upset his life, or cause him aggravation. But today, all those fears have gone. I know there will be an adjustment period, but I also know we will deal with issues as they come up, and get through them. Today is the first day that we will live together as hu8sband and wife, and I am beside myself with joy!!!

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