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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

A few years ago Chuck and I were watching a comedian on a dvd a friend had let us borrow. Most of his theme was about marriage and what he has learned since being married. It was hilarious and the biggest theme was this, "happy wife, happy life." He realized that when his wife was happy, all was right in his world, and of course she didn't nag him as much so that also made him happy. We laughed and Chuck said he would have to remember that saying. Since that time, we have heard that saying quite a bit, and Chuck has put it into practice. I am the fortunate one who has reaped the benefits. Of course I try not to be the kind of wife that nags, or is mean to him. But sometimes things come up, and he often goes with the flow, and says, "happy wife, happy life" to me. I just smile and give him a kiss. But in my past marriage things were not like that at all. I am definitely a dreamer and have all kinds of ideas, some a bit crazy, and some not, but unless they are really out there, Chuck supports me totally. I have always wanted to work from home, especially when my kids were little, but even now, it's still a dream of mine. I like the idea of my working around my life, and having the flexibility to work at midnight if I want and be free to do other things during the daytime. I don't want to have to live my life around my work. That's usually how people have to live...they go to work, put in the time that's needed to get a paycheck, and then whatever time is left over is their time. I had a job where most of what I did was from home, and I left to go out to meetings maybe, but also chose to do work related things on my computer at midnight if I felt like it. The main job I had like that lasted 5 years, then ended.I now work a regular job from 7:30 a.m. till 3:45 p.m. But since the other job ended in 2005,I have been trying to get back to that type of schedule. I have sold Avon, and Silpada jewelry, hoping that both would allow me to make enough money to work from home. They didn't and although some people can make a living from those types of companies it didn't work for me. I have written a newsletter online for families, but LOST money on that one. And through it all Chuck has been supportive and let me learn life's lessons on my own. I am branching out now and trying my hand at writing...this blog, and some online articles, and as always, Chuck is supportive. I have always wanted to be a writer and he knows that and has been encouraging. Maybe someday I will be able to do this and make a living at writing. And it may work out, and it may not, but Chuck has made me a very happy wife. I hope it means he's having a happy life! One thing's for's certainly not a dull one!

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