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Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Email!

I received the most wonderful, loving, uplifting email from Chuck the other day. For no special reason, just because he wanted to let me know he appreciates me. It brought tears to my eyes to read it, and I have gone back and read it again a few times since I received it. Sometimes I have written him loving emails, and he prints them out and tells me that one "is a keeper." It is so nice to be with a man who appreciates me and loves me and is not afraid to show it. I had heard myths about these men before I got reconnected with Chuck, but I didn't think they existed in reality. I thought they were figments of people's imaginations...or the few that were out there must already be taken by a few fortunate women. Imagine my surprise when I found one in front of me! There are times even now when I am still surprised by who he is, and by how much he loves me. And I know that he does love me because he is not afraid to say it, or show it. We have a mutual admiration society going on, and we have told each other that as long as we keep appreciating each other, and letting each other know it, and we show it, then we should have a pretty good marriage. Some couples get lost in the hum drum of every day life, and forget to remind the one they love of how much they care about them. I know it's easy to do, especially if you have children in the mix. But it's so important to remind each other of that. I love email's so easy to just send a quick message in the middle of the day, or at night when you're checking your email. And of course now we have texting as well...even easier because texts tend to be shorter. I'm still more comfortable with email than texting. Of course that may be because I don't have a keyboard on my phone, BUT I think any message of love sent in any way is welcomed.

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  1. Great thoughts. As wife to the "other Hellier" brother, I can relate!!!