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Monday, January 16, 2012

Love Notes

I have been thinking about something I started doing awhile ago and it's really fun and easy to do. When I am at home and Chuck is gone,working or traveling, I sit down for 20 minutes or so and write out some love notes...just small pieces of paper with little messages on them, sometimes it's just that I love him, and other times it's a special memory we shared and I remind him of how special it was or that I had been thinking about it recently. Sometimes it's just something I appreciate about him. The most challenging part about this is not writing the notes, but finding good places to hide them. Sometimes I use a coat pocket, sometimes his dress shoes, sometimes in his desk drawer, or tucked away in a pair of socks. For the past year or so I have been putting dates on them, and it's like a game to see how long it takes him to find them. I think the longest one was about 9 months. He's always very appreciative of them, and we laugh at the dates. Sometimes he finds them right away and that's not as much fun, but still gets the message across. I do a few at a time, and when I think he's found most of them, I will do another round. He's at a working lunch right now so as soon as I am finished typing this, I am off to write some love notes!!!

Any comments on this? Has anyone else tried this before?


  1. I love the idea. Sometimes I leave messages on the bathroom mirror with soap. More obvious and a quicker find of course. There is never enough affirmation words spoken in a marriage and this is a good way to add to the list.

  2. Never heard of using it easy to clean off? In the movies they use bright red lipstick for messages on mirrors, but that seems like it would be really hard to clean up! :0)